Wooden Cobra Tripod Stands For Glass Floats

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Wooden Cobra Tripod Stands For Glass Floats

Versatile wooden tripods four sizes. Hand carved from one piece of wood like a puzzle. These stands are adaptable to hold shells, glass spheres (as pictured but not included), floats, bowls and more. They spread out as wide as they are long. Also known as wooden cobra stands and wooden bowl stands.

Get a tripod stand to fit a variety of sphere sizes. For instance a 2" tripod can accommodate 2" - 4" glass balls. 

From left to right: displaying the 2" netted float on a 2" stand, a 4" ball on a 4" stand, a 4" blue netted ball on a 6" stand, and a 6" netted red ball float on an 8" stand.

NOTE: 6" and 8" Stands are out indefinitely.