Nautical Ships Wheel CAPTAIN Clocks

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Nautical Ships Wheel CAPTAIN Clocks

13", 18", 24 and 30" ships wheel sizes with Captains' style brass clocks.

The 13" wheel clock is shown pictured to right.

Here are how the wheel sizes (measured handle tip to handle tip), would be paired with clock sizes (measured largest brass diameter across casing).

13" wheel has a 5.5" clock
18" wheel has a 6" clock
24" wheel has a 7.5" clock
30" wheel has a 7.5" clock

Solid brass Captain's timepiece; set inside a very well built wooden steering wheel. Accent nautical themed spaces with this finely finished, classic yacht clock.

Quartz battery operated clock with 24 hour markings on the inner circle, and a red second hand. Runs on one AA battery (not included).

Beautiful satin finish preserves and accents the wood; not too shiny, just right. Overall depth of all models measure approximately 4 inches deep, including the working porthole hinged clamp.

This would be a very distinguishing gift for someone's den or study. Mounts easily.