Nautical Captain Clock Barometer

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Nautical Captain Clock Barometer

One Captain Style Clock and One Captain Style Barometer: Set in a timeless solid oak desk mount. This is yacht-worthy instrumentation. High quality.

The clock and barometer executive desk set: two important instruments for weather and navigating. Now you can have this top quality, distinguished set on your desk or gift to someone special.

Choose from:

4.5" diameter instrument pair (clock & barometer) on 16" x 6.5" oak base, which has 3 full inches of depth under instruments on flat surface for any custom plaque work.

6" diameter instrument pair (clock & barometer) on 23.5" x 9.5" oak base.

7.5" diameter instrument pair (clock & barometer) on 23.5" x 9.5" oak base.

It features red second hand, heavy beveled glass, and fine quartz movement.

Additional photo shows a customer who had a nice sized plaque made, at their local trophy shop, with plenty of room to spare even on the  smaller 4.5" sized mount.