Deluxe 4" Brunton Compass in Box

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Brass Functional Compass in Rosewood

As a mirrored compass, the advantage is that the sighting mechanism allows you to view the object you are taking a bearing to, and simultaneously box the needle in the orienting arrow.

We have carried the Standard version, in the past and decided to offer only this much nicer deluxe, for almost the same price.

This solid brass Brunton compass is 4-inches in diameter and easily folds to fit in your pocket; small and heavy for its size. It is a functional compass and has a lid. Inside the lid is a mirror. On the back of the compass is a sine index.

This solid brass compass comes with solid rosewood box, with brass clasp on front, that has the anchor with rope logo embedded into the top. The box is a smooth and polished finish wood.

Weight: 1 pound.