Wood Base for 7.5" Navy Diver Helmet

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NDHBP-704W 7.5"
Wood Base Dive Helmet

Solid Wood Black Display Base is the best way to display our, or your, 7-1/2" tall Diving Helmets.

Check these dimensions to determine if it will work on your helmet:

The widest part that your helmet would rest on (near the rear) is 7-3/4" wide. The front narrows to about 4-1/2" wide.

The bottom of the base is 10-5/8” x 8” (the part that actually touches your table or other surface) with rounded corners, and has a black felt to protect your furniture.

The curvature has a 1-7/8" rise.

New gloss black, solid wood, base for you to display your full-sized divers helmet upon.

This is the one we sell with our 7.5" Mark V Deluxe reproduction. If you don't have a base this might be for you. Please email us with any questions. Enhance your diving helmet by using this beautiful base that's screaming for a helmet to display. What a centerpiece attraction for your collection.