Wood Base Mark V US Navy Diver Helmet

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NDHBP-704W 18"
Wood Base Mark V US Navy Diver Helmet

Solid Wood Black Display Base is the best way to display our "MARK V" Full Size Diving Helmets.

Check these dimensions to determine if it will work on your helmet:
The curvature over 11" has a 2-3/4" rise. Another way to measure the curved part under the helmet is: The width of the curved part that the helmet rests on is 14-3/8" and the rise of the top of the flat base area is 5-1/2".

The bottom of the base is 16” x 16” (the part that actually touches your table or other surface) with rounded corners.

New solid wood base for you to display your full-sized divers helmet upon.

This is the one we sell with our big Mark V Deluxe reproduction. If you don't have a base this might be for you. This does not quite fit original, authentic, antique, Mark V Navy Diver Helmets. Please email us with any questions. Enhance your diving helmet by using this beautiful base that's screaming for a helmet to display. What a centerpiece attraction for your collection.