15 Flags Set 40" x 13" Cotton Yachting Signal Number Flags

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Signal Flags Numeral Pennants with Toggles

Large numeral detachable signal flags with toggled connectors. Complete 14 Flag Set. Includes: Numerals 1 - 10, 1 Answer flag, plus 3 smaller Repeaters .


     Numbers 0-9 and Answer flag: 40" wide by 13" tall and

     Repeater flags (1st, 2nd and 3rd repeaters): 20" x 16"

With a fixed toggle spread of 16" of spacing this cotton flag display when linked together makes a linear display length of approximately 19 feet wide x 40 inches tall!

This is a set of high quality nautical signal flags. These are hand sewn, double sided cotton. So both sides look fantastic. They would look great outlining a deck, hung over a party table, or decorating a house or restaurant. While cotton is not an ideal fabric for continuous outdoor use, they can be used for all indoor and clear weather outdoor events.

Keep individual letters ship-shape, in stow-able stenciled nylon organizer carry case (shown) when not displayed.
Pennants attach together by rope and wooden toggles, included and sewn in.
Great decorators to "dressing ship" or festive occasions. Traditionally used as a form of maritime communication, signal flags are still a popular choice for today's decorating worlds.

NOTE: Just want some individual flags?! Choose just the flags you like most here.