Wooden Short Board Surfboard

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Surfboards for decorative

Wooden Classic Short Board Dimensions: Length 75.5" x Width 18.5" x H: 2" For holding books shells and pictures from your beach adventures.

Reinventing what surfing could be, this western red cedar surf board is a true gem for even the most experienced wave rider. Handcrafted and then encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy.

The thickness of the board is about 2" and it has 3 fins. Each fin is about 8" in length. This surfboard weight is 12.65 lbs.

Engineered for ultimate performance, the board is perhaps most notable for its deep toned beauty. Craftsmanship galore represents the best of what this board has to offer.

The overall shape and design of this board is timeless. The value is in duplicating this shape and style for the cost would not be possible. This is art!

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