Anchor Lamp Polished Brass & Copper

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Anchor Lamp Brass & Copper

Kerosene burner. Study the details of this classic and high quality anchor lamp:

Cast handle, Cast slots, Heavy copper sheet, Molded name plaques. Hand-blown glass.

The polished copper and brass anchor oil lantern measures 7.5W x 11.8''H and actual weight is 5.42 lbs.

Anchor lights have a 360-degree light radius and must be visible from 2-3 miles. Our exceptionally heavy quality reproduction is made in copper with nice details.

The lamp base is a fuel tank to supply the burner, and can be filled with kerosene or lamp oil. The burner includes a wick and adjustment wheel for changing the height of the wick and flame as needed.

Use onboard, home, or as backup emergency lighting. Available in oil only.