47" Full Size (LIT) Brass Engine Order Telegraph

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NDHBL813 47" w/Light
Full size engine order telegraph

In stock; Brass Ship's Engine Order Telegraph; an exceptionally high-quality piece.

And this one has a 110 volt light fixture, bulb, and cord installed. Power cord stores, and comes directly out of the bottom of the base. There is a notch in the base to allow the cord to rest inside of and make a flush floor mount.

Cord has an inline switch as shown.

Telegraph sports the authentic-looking oil lamp built onto the side used to create a dim back lighting in days of old.

Made from all Solid Brass (not plated). 

This large working replica measures 46-1/2" tall, with handles upright and weighs in at over 55 pounds. When placed on the floor the wooden handles are right at your fingertips, while you're standing.
Round solid brass face housing is 14" wide. Depth of housing is 6-3/4". Mountable (predrilled) base is 9 inches in diameter.

This terrific, old-world device, provided a time saving communication link between the pilothouse and the engine room.

Both levers are movable and all the normal telegraph markings are visible. Heavy cast gearing and ringers. Also equipped with detents; to hold the handles at each order position. When lever is moved to an order, those heavy ringers make the strong, loud, classic, "ding" sound. Very crisp lasting tone.

This type of telegraph was dedicated to a twin engine, as handles move independently of one another. This is a new, high quality, handmade item, having some minor variations in the finish, suitable for collectors.
36" Ships Wheel Not Included. Provided for size reference only.

Other information for buyers: -oil lamp on the side is mainly aesthetic and ships to customer detached. - Necessary installation instructions provided upon request.  To change the light bulb, if you have smaller hands, it can be done through where the oil lamp is installed or from the top. There is a top portion of the telegraph that can be removed.

Instructions to change the bulb. There are 4 screws, that connect the top of the telegraph to the base. By removing the 4 screws, you can lift the top portion off and switch out the light bulb. And just reverse the steps to put it back together.