Large 39" Brass Ship's Engine Order Telegraph

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NDHBL813 39"
Large 39" Brass Ship's Engine Order Telegraph

Exceptional high quality Reproduction Brass Ships Engine Order Telegraph.

Made from all Solid Brass; not plated.

Has the authentic oil lamp for creating a dim back lighting just like in days of old.

Measures 38-1/2" tall, with handles upright. When placed on the floor the handles are right at your fingertips while standing.
Round housing is 10" wide. Base is 9" diameter.

This terrific, old-world ship telegraph device, provided a time saving communication link between the pilothouse and the ships' engine room.
High quality solid polished brass working replica. Both levers are moveable and all the normal telegraph markings are visible and readable. Heavy cast gearing and bells. Also equipped with detents; to hold the handles at each point. When lever is moved to an order, those heavy bells make an authoritative, crisp, classic, "ding" sound.
This type of telegraph was dedicated to a twin engine, as both handles move independently of one another. This is a new item suitable for the most discriminating collector. A real treasure to behold.

Usually ships in 3 business days.