3 Ways to Tastefully Incorporate Life Preserver Wall Decor

Jul 3rd 2017

life preserver wall decorUnfortunately, beach decor isn't always incorporated in the most tasteful way. Pirate decorations might be suitable for a themed children's room, but for other areas in your house? Not so much. But we're here to help you learn exactly how to incorporate simple beach decor in a tasteful way. Today's lesson? Life preserver wall decor. 

Stick to Neutral Colors
Nautical colors often include bold navy blue and crimson. While that can be great in a themed room, it's not necessarily subtle in the rest of your home. Nautical home decorations should complement the rest of your home decor, not take attention away from it. Small clusters of white seashells or a bleached starfish here and there serve as beautiful accents to other decorations while not taking any attention away from them. Consider whites, grays, and light blues when you're thinking about nautical home decor.

Functional Wall Decor
Life preserver wall decorations might not be entirely functional, but they can certainly serve a purpose. A blank wall is so boring to look at, especially if it's simply painted white. If you want a pop of color, or even a good-sized object to break up the blank space, life preserver decor can be a great option, especially if you customize it. Another excellent option for functional decor is a nautical clock!

Incorporate Simple Nautical Elements
Simplicity is key. Looking for a curtain tie? Consider using braided rope instead of ribbon. Need a unique statement piece for your front door? A life preserver can be customized with names, welcome messages, or any other element you want to welcome visitors with. Coastal charm can go just about anywhere in your home, and if you're clever about it, your guests may not even notice it's there. Tasteful decorating is simply a matter of taking elements and not overwhelming your beautiful home with them.

It's no secret that people love the beach. In fact, over 123 million people lived in coastal communities in 2010 alone. That's almost 39% of the population! But living on the beach and bringing the beach to your home away from the beach are two different things. If you want to incorporate nautical decor into your home, be sure to do so with tact and taste.