Mark V U.S. NAVY Copper Diving Helmet Brass fitted

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Mark V U.S. NAVY Copper Diving Helmet Brass fitted

Almost full size reproduction of the antique Deep Sea Divers Helmet. 

You get a 17" reproduction brass & copper Navy diving helmet; one grade down, one inch smaller, and lighter weight, from the Deluxe model, at a lot less cost!

17" Tall x 14" Wide x 16" Deep 
Diameter of the neck opening: 9" 
Weighs 15.75 lbs. 

Grilled view ports (front one hinged and opening) and other features make this mostly representative of the famous Mark V US Navy Diver Helmets!

The brass ID plate on the front of the diving helmet reads: 
US Navy Diving Helmet
Mark V 
Morse Diving Equipment Co., Inc. 
Boston, MA ~ No 5123 ~ Date 1/45 

An attractive nautical accent for your home or office at a very inexpensive price. Maintain a shiny polish, if desired, with Nevr-Dull Metal Polish.

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