Standard U.S. NAVY Mark V Diving Helmet

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Standard U.S. NAVY Mark V Diving Helmet

Full-size reproduction of the antique "MARK V" Deep Sea Divers Helmet. 

You get an 18" reproduction brass & copper Navy diving helmet; one grade down from the $1,000.00 Deluxe model, at a lot less cost. 

18" Tall x approx. 15" Wide x 17-1/2" Deep 
Diameter of the neck opening: 8.75" - 9.0" 

Grilled view ports (front one hinged and opening) and other features make this mostly representative of the real thing. 

The brass ID plate on the front of the diving helmet reads: 
US Navy Diving Helmet Morse Diving Equipment Co., Inc. ~ Mark V ~ Boston, Massachusetts 

An attractive nautical accent for your home or office.