Jenny Lind Ship's Figurehead

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Jenny Lind Ship's Figurehead

Jenny Lind was a Swedish soprano who studied in Paris and sang in Europe and America. Called the Swedish nightingale, her beautiful voice inspired the carving of a clipper ships figurehead in Salem.
Measures 33" Tall x 14" Wide x 14" Deep and weighs approximately 4 lbs.
Although some choose to hang them outdoors during mild weather seasons, figureheads are made for interior use. We recommend bringing them them in during harsh weather months.

This mold was procured because she finished her days, along with so many others, in the mud of San Francisco Bay.
There is absolutely no similarity between these superb reproductions and the comical plastic copies one finds in the store. These are molded in a hard lightweight fibrous material with the look and feel of old wood. The cracks, splinters and worm holes would fool a woodpecker! The hand painting is artificially antiqued to give the character of great age. The sizes of this figurehead is rather large. Just right for the truly dramatic setting. Excellent value.

Made in USA