Unpainted Jenny Lind Ship's Figurehead

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Unpainted Jenny Lind Ship's Figurehead


Now you can paint your own figurehead any color you'd like. Match the colors you need to fit your home decor to create your very own masterpiece.

This piece is completely primed and ready for painting. Primer coat will accept both interior paints and stains. The figurehead is made of polyurethane molding foam. They are rigid, but lightweight, same as our painted line.

This is an antique reproduction of an actual figurehead from the Clipper ship named for the popular Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind. The figurehead is 33 inches high, made of lightweight polyurethane molding foam. This replica features very realistic details, giving the appearance of old wood. It is the perfect decoration for a restaurant, rec room or cottage by the lake.

Use a paint brush or air brush. Let your imagination go. Go to your local crafts store and look at all the finishes they offer. Painting your own masterpiece is easy, with so many different ideas for finishes, like crackles, bronze with a green patina, pearlescence colors, gold leaf, aging techniques, etc. Here's a chance to create a family heirloom.

Although some choose to hang them outdoors during mild weather seasons, figureheads are made for interior use. We recommend bringing them in during harsh weather months.

Made in USA.

RE Paint recommendations: We use lacquer based paint with an airbrush. The figurehead will take any kind of paint.  If planning to use outdoors, use an exterior paint and finish with a generous coat of outdoor varnish to preserve the colors.