Unpainted Nautical Ships Figurehead Britannia

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Unpainted Nautical Ships Figurehead Britannia

Now you can paint your own figureheads the colors you like. Match the colors you need to fit your own space or project.
Using a paintbrush or air brush, it's easy and fun, with so many different ideas for finishes from your local craft store. For example, crackles, bronze, green patina, pearlescence colors, gold leaf, aging techniques, etc. Here's a chance to create a family heirloom.

Measures 34" tall by 14" wide by 14" deep and weighs approximately 4 lbs.

This piece is primed and ready for painting. The figurehead is made of polyurethane molding foam: rigid, but lightweight, same as our painted line.

This figurehead is an exquisite reproduction and is authentic in every detail, right down to the grain and cracks of the original wood and the marks of the woodcarver's tools.

Although some choose to hang them outdoors during mild weather seasons, figureheads are made for interior use. We recommend bringing them them in during harsh weather months.

Made of high density molding foam. Today they are an evocative and decorative reminder of the bygone days of sailing ships.

Made in USA.

RE Paint recommendations: We use lacquer based paint with an airbrush. The figurehead will take any kind of paint or stain.  If planning to use outdoors, use an exterior paint and finish with a generous coat of outdoor varnish to preserve the colors.