Britannia Nautical Ships Figurehead

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Britannia Nautical Ships Figurehead

The original is in the British Naval Museum in Greenwich, England and once graced the prow of a 30 gun brig. She projects from the wall at a 30 degree angle. Hung by a sturdy hanger on back.

Measures 34" tall by 14" wide by 14" deep and weighs approximately 4 lbs.

This figurehead is an exquisite reproduction and is authentic in every detail, right down to the grain and cracks of the original wood, the weathered paint finish, and the marks of the woodcarver's tools.

Although some choose to hang them outdoors during mild weather seasons, figureheads are made for interior use. We recommend bringing them in during harsh weather months.

Made of high density molding foam. Today they are an evocative and decorative reminder of the bygone days of sailing ships.