44 Foot Cotton Yachting Signal Flag Dress Line

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44 Foot Cotton Yachting Signal Flag Dress Line

These flags are made of dyed fabric, with color showing on both sides of each flag. 

Marine Code Flags in one 44 foot dress line, also pictured with red ruler.

Complete 40 flag set includes:
26 alphabet flags
10 numeral pennants and 

4 NATO substitute Flags (for repeating characters).

Average nautical flag size 16" x 9". Made of premium sturdy 100% stitched cotton cloth. Space between each flag is 4". 

Wonderful decorations for "dressing ship" and festive indoor occasions.

Flags are fixed together by white 3/16" cotton cord. Length approximately 44 linear feet, with another 5 feet of cord extending from end flags for tying.

Traditionally used as a form of maritime communication, signal flags are still a popular choice for todays marine decorating worlds.