Riva Aquarama Handcrafted Speed Boat Replica

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Riva Aquarama Handcrafted Speed Boat Replica

For the speedboat enthusiast, this Aquarama handcrafted speedboat is a perfect addition to an existing model collection or as a unique piece of home decor. Made of mahogany and leather, this unique collectible features padded leather seats, bringing a miniature version of a 20th century treasure right to your home. Includes a table stand.

Measurements: Length: 25.20", Width: 7.90 Height: 7.50. Actual Weight: 6.15 lbs

The Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. It was a time of peace, and optimism was unbridled…

It was then that Rivas roared across the Lago di Como and skimmed the Mediterranean waves off St. Tropez. Thunderboats (also called Hydroplanes) racing with each other at record speed. Stateside, the luxurious Chris Crafts were de rigeur with Hollywood elite.
The throaty growl of that big engine built inside gleaming mahogany, rich leather, chrome trim. Leather padded seats displayed movie stars trying out the new bikini fashions. Husbands behind the wheel, decked out in spotless captain’s finery. No Coast Guard was able to overtake these sleek twin-engine torpedo shaped racers. The curves, the looks, the excitement, the opulence…

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