8 x 4 Brass School Teacher Handle Bell

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8 x 4 Brass School Teacher Handle Bell

Hand bell has a classic shape measuring 8-1/2" tall (w/handle) x 4-3/4" wide overall. Brass is 3/32" thick.

NOTE: This batch is marked down significantly due to an over coverage of varnish on the handle, which created small areas of "orange peeling".

A Timeless and functional decor piece with so many popular uses. 
Whether sounding for service, summoning folks to gather round or just ringing it cuz you like bells; very nice and sound wonderful.

A wooden handle with accent brass escutcheon on top. Bring a meeting to order! This polished brass handbell would be a very nice gift for someone's farm/country kitchen, an addition to your collection. Or how about ringing from the house to call your swimmers, fisherman and boaters back to shore?!

Great gift for retiring teachers or your next convention or sales meeting. Also a beautiful bell that will help an elderly, or any recovering person call for their nurse care giver.