13" Custom Pirate Wall Clock

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Pirate Decor Custom Clock

Swashbuckling, mead swilling, saber toting Pirate and Treasure Chest Clock extraordinaire.

Measures 13" overall. Weight 1.2 lbs.

Multiple layers of unique come out in this solid acrylic resin-backed background, highlighting the custom 5" dia. solid brass clock face. Please look closely at that center piece!

Snow white rope accent with beautiful copper "whipping" ends. Perfect for any room pirates are treasured.

This product is hand-crafted in the USA and is extremely high quality with easy to mount hanger built in the back-side.

Special design gives you a quartz nautical ship's timepiece set in a very sturdy frame. Battery included.

Easy to see brass colored numerals (the number 1 looks white here but actually the same brass as all the other numerals) with wooden laser-cut white anchors at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.