Great White Shark Reproduction Half Mount 41 x 18

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Model Great White Shark Mount 41 x 18

This is a space saving half mount reproduction of a small Great White Shark.

This is an awesome reproduction shark mount, made of lightweight polyurethane molding foam, and painted to order, so please allow 2 weeks for shipment.

Each measures 41" long and 18" at its widest point, and weighs about 4 pounds.  It is lightweight, but durable, made of rigid polyurethane foam and hangs flat against the wall.  It is made with real teeth, and painted by a professional.

This shark is a great decor idea for man-cave, restaurant, bar, or for the fisherman in your family.

Ready to hang, makes a novel gift, theme projects, movie props and are guaranteed to charm seamen and landlubbers alike.

Although some choose to hang them outdoors during mild weather seasons, this is made for interior use. We recommend bringing this in during harsh weather months.

The size of this great white shark reproduction is rather large. Just right for the truly dramatic setting. Excellent value.

Made in USA.